Current Research

Ihshan has been formally educated in psychology and began utilizing neuroscience related technologies, i.e. EEG, TMS, and fMRI, in Ghent University, Department of Experimental Psychology (Under the supervision of Prof. Wim Fias), Belgium. He is very much interested in understanding how the human mind works particularly from the perspective of neuropsychology.

He is currently joining Emphatic Computing Laboratory (Prof. Mark Billinghurst, world leading expert in Augmented Reality) in investigating Hyperscanning and Virtual Reality (VR). Hyperscanning is a current method of assessing two or more brains simultaneously so that one can see to what extent two different brains are connected to each other as people communicate both in the real-world and virtual one.

This research could contribute to explain how we are connected to "ex-strangers'', eg. wife or husband, children, friends, and teachers, both in online and offline situations. Similarly, that will also reveal how we are disconnected from others such as family, friends, or anyone with a close relationship.

Investigating hyperscanning and VR will give us some knowledge on how the human brain works during online communication that is unavoidable in the current situation, particularly during COVID-19 period. It will eventually provide us a better understanding on how we as humans are psychologically, emotionally, and neurologically connected.